Why I withdrew from PIA Ombudsman mediation

Addendum: When I filed this complaint, I did not know that the Public Information Act ombudsman had implemented a new policy in late summer 2017 requiring that anybody filing a complaint with her office sign a confidentiality agreement concerning her mediation.  I had...

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Hogan upholds rigged election system

Gov. Larry Hogan has appointed the 2016-17 school year student member of our school board. The student member, who has the same voting rights as the adult members, was nominated by a countywide student council delegated with that task by the General Assembly. The...

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SMOB Nominating Commission Members: FY2012-FY2016

Introductory Note The new election rules for the SMOB nominating commission (called an "interview panel" by CRASC and AACPS leadership) were first implemented in FY2015. No record of the passage of the new election rules is provided on the CRASC website, and in...

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J.H. Snider