Capital Article

Yeager, Amanda, Debate over school board bills continues as session nears close, March 26, 2017.

Snider Comment

“DeGrange said he has never supported an elected or hybrid board in past years, but he’s grown tired of the debate. ‘I’ll see what comes over. I’ll have to see the details,’ he said of negotiations over the school board measure. ‘Quite frankly, I’m getting tired of hearing all the bills.'”

I’m tired of this tiredness trope, which has been widely used by General Assembly officials who for more than a decade have had nothing to contribute to the public debate and now profess to be tired by it. Let me get this right: AACPS constitutes more than half of Anne Arundel County’s budget. Our General Assembly members have suddenly decided that the current system is awful and needs to be changed. But they have hardly been honest in publicly explaining their sudden change of mind, so it’s no wonder that they’re “tired” of the issue and would like it to go away. This may be good politics, but it’s a bad way to design well-thought out public policy.