Capital Article

Huang, Cindy, After shift to elected Anne Arundel school board, focus now on student member, April 18, 2017.

Snider Comment

“Aimee Poisson, who supervises student leadership groups for county public schools, said the advisory panel looked for students who would make the school board their priority, speak clearly and make strong arguments for their beliefs.”

I’d advise the Capital to report on the actual rules and who has actually attended the meetings in recent years, including those not mentioned in the official rules . That information is contained in “The SMOB Election and Riva Road’s Culture of Intimidation” at

“’They can’t be less than a hero who goes above and beyond,’ said Poisson, on the selection standard for the finalists.”

For a contrary perspective on AACPS’s actual nominating standards, see “AACPS Thumbs Its Nose On Maryland’s Vague and Meaningless Ban on Using Government Resources for Political Activity” at

“Poisson [said] the panel doesn’t broadcast the interview process for the finalists because some students aren’t happy with their performance and wouldn’t want to have a public record when applying to colleges.”

But why shouldn’t the relevant emails of senior AACPS officials who secretly attend those secret panels be made public?  Why should they be allowed to delete those emails in response to a Public Information Act request for them? After all, they aren’t the ones who are applying to college.