Capital Article

Huang, Cindy, School Board Nominating Commission to live-stream its meetings, Capital, March 11, 2016.

Snider Comment

The SBNC is now providing a good precedent for the Board of Education and County Council.  When both of those public bodies want to convene an untelevised public hearing in the name of community convenience, they go out into the community and say it’s not feasible to televise, let alone televise live, the hearings. It was a lame excuse but the press never challenged it. If the press is really serious about this principle, it should insist that our local libraries and schools (especially high schools with their large auditoriums), are set up for community media.  Countless other local governments already do this.  It’s long past time that Anne Arundel County–one of the largest, wealthiest, and technologically sophisticated communities in the United States–should do so, too.