Capital Article

Cook, Chase, Leopold’s comeback campaign in Pasadena runs into complaints, June 24, 2018.

Snider Comment

“She said Leopold quickly walked into the house even though she was dressed in just a T-shirt and underwear.”

In my entire life, I’ve never heard of anyone opening a front door to a stranger in just a T-shirt and underwear. This part of the allegation is most likely true, but it should nevertheless raise eyebrows.

“complaints… forwarded to the Office of the State Prosecutor.”

Having political enemies gather and forward complaints to the state prosecutor doesn’t at all seem odd to me. What does seem odd to me is the Capital running a news story based on 1) allegations, 2) allegations the state prosecutor hasn’t pursued, and 3) allegations that only cite one unverified source in a he-said, she-said situation. And then 4), running the news story on the front page only two days before an election where there is no time for a response to the printed allegations. If these allegations were printed on the opinion page, I wouldn’t have a problem. But I’d still have a problem with them run two days before an election.

“’That’s a lie,’ the House minority leader told Leopold.”

Here is an excerpt from a June 2, 2018 Capital editorial: “It should shock you whenever you hear one person running for office accuse the other side of lying. Once uttered, it’s a word that tends to stain its user as much as its intended target. And that’s the truth.”