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Source: Bafkas, Carin, Political teachers, Capital, October 12, 2018.

Capital Letter-To-The-Editor

Political teachers

I’m writing to express how disappointed I am in our teacher’s union for unethical campaign practices.

On Oct. 2, teachers posed in the library of Mayo Elementary School with their union T-shirts and no shoes. They posted the picture on Facebook with the caption “Schuh-less” in an obvious political jab at County Executive Steve Schuh.

Our teachers make a good case that they should receive better pay and benefits for what is a very busy job. But this childish antic undermines that message and sends the wrong message to children about what is appropriate and what is not in the workplace. I hope the school system takes action against people using our children and schools as props for their political agenda.

You are welcome to push whatever political agenda you please on your own time on your own property, but not in a taxpayer-owned building. What if one of your students was a supporter of the county executive and wanted to wear a Steve Schuh shirt at school? Would that be allowed? What if one of your students was a family member of the county executive or had a parent that worked for the county executive? How would that make them feel?

Teachers rightfully have the moral high ground because they do an important job for our kids. Stunts like this make them lose a lot of credibility in my book. Steuart Pittman should be ashamed for allowing unethical campaign tactics to occur on his behalf. Shame on you sir!



Snider Comment

Where is the School Board’s Ethics Panel when it comes to a blatant ethics violation such as this?