Note: This table only includes salaries over $100K.  The table is sorted by employee group with teachers (Unit 1) coming first.  Within each unit, salaries are sorted in descending order.  The top salary for FY2008 is $154K, but that is for a teacher on loan to the Maryland State Department of Education.  The highest salary for a teacher working at AACPS was $131K.  Parts of salaries paid by other government units, such as the state of Maryland, are excluded.  MSDE reimburses AACPS for employees on loan to it so is included.  Many teachers earn the same daily rate of pay on the salary schedule as these $100K+ teachers but most have a shorter work year.  They may also not have as many additional pay codes, e.g., pay for extracurricular activities.

Since AACPS refused to provide this data to me in a machine-readable format, I had to scan and convert the data to a machine-readable format with a special software program.  I have checked the results for major errors, but it’s possible that this conversion process resulted in errors.

Number First Name Last Name Unit Title Location Salary (1000s)
First Name Last Name Unit Title Location Salary (1000s)


All of the following statistics were provided by AACPS staff to the AACPS Board of Education

Unit Number of Employees Total Salaries % of Total
UNIT 1 111 $11,770,056.72 22.70%
UNIT 2 239 $28,263,363.00 54.51%
UNIT 3 0 $0.00 0.00%
UNIT 4 0 $0.00 0.00%
UNIT 5 60 $6,634,023.00 12.79%
UNIT 6 40 $5,186,893.00 10.00%
TOTAL  450 $51,854,335.72 100.00%

Note that if salary + benefits (total compensation) were included in the total column, the number of teachers earning over $100K/year would dwarf the number of administrators.  That’s because there are so many more teachers than administrators.  For example, if only 20% of teachers earn more than $100K in total compensation, that would be about 1,200 teachers.

For additional statistics, see here.  Note the dramatic increase in Unit 1 employees receiving more than $100K as a result of the Thornton Commission funding.