Capital Article

Pacella, Rachael, Commission interviews two Anne Arundel school board candidates, November 14, 2017.

Snider Comment

“Two candidates….”

If 22 candidates marked a great success in the last round, does that imply that only two candidates marks a failure?

“The School Board Appointment Commission last convened this summer….”

Yes, but much of its business was conducted outside of its public meetings. That included official email correspondence that, like Hillary Clinton’s private email account, was effectively exempt from public disclosure. For my complaints to AACPS’s Public Information Officer and Maryland’s Public Information Act Ombudsman concerning this secret correspondence and the long-time practice of interviewing school board candidates outside the public eye—a continuation of practices under the former School Board Nominating Commission—see

“The county Board of Education is transitioning to a fully elected board.”

Technically true, but also highly misleading, as I have previously written about.