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R.I. handbook shows blatant bias

In the Internet Age, Rhode Island style voter information handbooks have become a First Amendment archaism, in the way the government-imposed Fairness Doctrine became after Americans got access to dozens of TV channels. It has...

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R.I. needs a constitutional convention

This November, Rhode Islanders will vote on whether to convene a constitutional convention. Throughout most of American history, state constitutional conventions were a regular occurrence. But not one has been approved during...

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Our Highly Politicized Board of Education

Members of our Board of Education love to pretend that they are above politics; that such behavior is reserved for County Council, General Assembly, and other public officials.  As for themselves, they claim all they care about...

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The public, not the courts, should decide

Snider, J.H., The public, not the courts, should decide, Baltimore Sun, December 16, 2013. In countries such as Russia and Iran, the public can vote in elections, but the elections are often viewed as less than fully democratic...

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Capital-Gazette Takes On AACPS

In the last few weeks, the Capital-Gazette ( Capital ) has flipped from years of mindlessly repeating AACPS talking points to a critical stance, including a news story with multiple, competing sources.  How well did it do?...

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Maxwell’s Political Legacy: Not Pretty

After more than seven years at the helm of the Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS), Superintendent Kevin Maxwell will resign and become head of the Prince George’s County public schools, effective August 1, 2013.  What is...

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