Capital Article

Richman, Talia, Capital Gazette editor Gerald Fischman remembered at funeral for dry wit, love of family, Capital, July 8, 2018.

Snider Comment

“Readers of The Capital newspaper came to know Gerald Fischman’s writing through his incisive editorials about … school system scandals”

I cannot recall any school system scandals that either the Capital’s news or editorial pages have published in recent years. Perhaps the language used here is just boilerplate language, which is arguably appropriate for this type of article.  But assuming the Baltimore Sun reporter who wrote this front page article believes in fact-based reporting (the Baltimore Sun’s Media Group has made many claims in recent days that it believes in such reporting), I’d ask her to cite at least two examples, as she used the plural of “scandal” in making her claim.  Examples from the Capital’s news pages would be close enough, in my opinion, to back up her claim. Otherwise, I think she should have cut out this unnecessary claim from an otherwise admirable article.