Capital Editorial

Our say: County initiates a good customer-service idea, April 11, 2017.

Snider Comment

“[United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz] is staggering from a richly deserved public relations catastrophe, after people worldwide viewed cellphone videos of a bloodied passenger being dragged down the aisle by security personnel on Sunday.”

Sounds like AACPS customer service to me, except for some notable differences: AACPS now employs county police in its schools rather than private security guards; AACPS holds parents’ kids hostage, so the parents would never dream of providing the coverage the passengers on this flight did; the police would never allow families to take such videos on school property; and United’s customers can walk if they don’t like the service they are getting. For an illustration of this type of service, see “The SMOB Election and Riva Road’s Culture of Intimidation” at