Today’s print edition of the Capital ran a front page story with the following sentence: “Annapolis’ primary source of revenue is property taxes, but the state’s 1.8 million square miles of property within the city.” Obviously this was an error, as the entire city of Annapolis doesn’t include 1.8 million miles of property. The online edition fixed the error but didn’t acknowledge the correction. Nor did the corrected online version even vaguely note that the article had been updated since the original online version had been published the previous day. That’s bad journalism–especially if it’s a routine practice–not the excellence in journalism the Capital’s peers praised it for on page A7 of today’s print edition.

Print Edition

Online Edition

“In an event honoring such distinguished journalists as Judy Woodruff, Al Hunt and Lester Holt, Hutzell’s address prompted a standing ovation from the crowd celebrating journalistic excellence.

‘I firmly believe that I’ve done what [former Washington Post editor Benjamin] Bradlee was saying: Show up at work and look for the truth in good conscience and with fairness online and in print.’”