Capital Article

Cook, Chase, Anne Arundel salaries: chief of staff received biggest pay bump between 2015 and 2018, June 18, 2018.

Snider Comment

“Here are the top ten highest paid employees and their job titles….”

Historically, the Capital only looks at the top salaries of administrators, especially those who work a 240-day (full) year at 8 hours/day. But why not look at the top compensation of teachers, too? For example, the top teachers in the public school system’s toddler program (as well as a small number of other teachers) can earn in the $150,000 salary range–not quite as much as the administrators but in the same ball park. When length of work year, benefits, and especially deferred compensation are added into the mix, they can earn as much and often much more in total compensation–using businesslike accrual accounting methods–than the administrators cited here.

Of course, the problem with reporting non-administrative staff top compensation is that the Capital would be accused of teacher bashing. And, for very good reasons, no one wants to be accused of that.