Capital New Article

Bottalico, Brandi, Anne Arundel Community College pool, tennis courts to be eliminated, Capital, December 8, 2015.

Snider Comment

“‘(Health)’s where the jobs for our students are going to be.’ He said they only received a handful of emails with concerns — all having to do with the pool.” 

I think the Community College’s political strategy concerning the tennis courts has been brilliant. Gradually eliminate the 8 tennis courts (we’re currently down to only 2) while pretending to only “temporarily” eliminate them. (The building blocking four of the courts was supposed to be only “temporary” while the new library was built.) Meanwhile, gut the tennis program so the tennis constituency is destroyed. Don’t provide any community notice that the last two remaining courts will also be eliminated, then proudly publicly note that no one bothered to testify on their behalf. 

And how’s this, which I bet they didn’t even think of. Reduce the opportunities for healthy community/student exercise so that community health will deteriorate and there will be more demand for healthcare jobs. Yes, make it a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is the best type of prophecy: health is where the jobs for our unhealthy students are going to be.