Capital Article

Huang, Cindy, School board nominating panel doesn’t do background checks, Capital, January 16, 2016.

Snider Comment #1

Such a withdrawal is unprecedented in the history of the SBNC. Did the SBNC tell Boston to withdraw?
Odd that the Capital would provide an update on the SBNC but not report on the SBNC’s both alleged and widely reported violation of Maryland statute in making its four nominations on January 7. If the alleged violation is correct, neither Boston nor any other nominee would need to withdraw because all their nominations would be invalidated under Maryland law.

Snider Comment #2

@Snider Truly bizarre that this article was completely rewritten between the stated time it was posted, 12:18 pm on 1/16/2016, and when the completely rewritten version was published, shortly around midnight on 1/17/2016, but with no change in the time stamp. The most important point was not clearly stated, which, as every Anne Arundel elected official knows by now, the nomination was technically invalid because it was not preceded by the two public hearings required by statute. The outcome is a vivid illustration of what happens when due process requirements are ignored.