Capital Article

Our Say: Schuh must explain his school board fight, Capital, April 19, 2016.

Snider Comment

“community members’ votes”

“political appointees”

The use of the term “community members” is a loaded term and, if the Capital chooses to use it, it should at least be put in scare quotes to acknowledge it is closely associated with the anti-Schuh faction.  Historically, the term “stakeholders” is used to describe representatives of special interest groups who serve on appointed committees.  Similarly, the use of the term “political appointees” is a loaded term because the Capital has trained readers to interpret the word “political” as a term of disparagement (by the way, political scientists don’t use the term that way) and the term incorrectly suggests that the stakeholder/community reps are less “political” than the elected official reps.

I would categorize the two sets of appointees in more descriptive terms: those appointed by elected officials and those appointed by stakeholder groups.

P.S. The Capital removed this comment from its website.