Capital Editorial

Our say: How political should school decisions be?, May 5, 2016.

Snider Comment

“It would also, in effect, make school board members politicians. Is that what county residents want? We’re not sure….”

I cannot imagine school board members any more “political” than the ones we have today. By the use of “political” I mean indifferent to the norms of democratic accountability.

The Capital should define its use of the term “political” when its argument revolves around that definition. If it means “elected” by “political,” I suggest it ditch the term “political” and replace it with “elected.” If it means by “political” “special interest driven” or “not in the best interest of students,” it should say so explicitly. Ambiguity may be the mother’s milk of politics; it has no place in a responsible newspaper of record.

P.S. The Capital removed this comment from its website.