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R.I. handbook shows blatant bias

In the Internet Age, Rhode Island style voter information handbooks have become a First Amendment archaism, in the way the government-imposed Fairness Doctrine became after Americans got access to dozens of TV channels. It has...

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R.I. needs a constitutional convention

This November, Rhode Islanders will vote on whether to convene a constitutional convention. Throughout most of American history, state constitutional conventions were a regular occurrence. But not one has been approved during...

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A Historic Year for State Con-Cons

2010 marks a historic year for state constitutional conventions (con-cons). On November 2, 2010, four states (Maryland, Michigan, Montana, and Iowa) have referendums on the ballot asking voters whether they want to convene a...

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Maryland's Ballot Surprise

Voters in November will have a rare opportunity to shape the state’s constitution. This November, Marylanders will have a once-in-a-generation chance to shake up the political process. Yet few know about it, and even fewer...

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